Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So, when we first started the group, we had no plans of being considered an Acappella group. Though we had one or two A cappella songs in our repertoire, we were still a group that would be accompanied by a band. However, as it became more difficult to secure a band of musicians that were available or within our budget (and as we were being introduced to so many other styles and sounds in A cappella music), we started singing more A cappella songs.

It is now September 2011 and we have finally decided to put together a 45-minute to 1-hour A cappella set. We are excited about the process and just wanted to get some thoughts on possible songs for this. What are some songs you would love to hear done A cappella--Contemporary Christian, Gospel, R &B, Pop, African, Brazilian, etc...? If you have been to an A cappella performance, what do you find most exciting about an A cappella show? What would you want to see or hear at a Traces A cappella Performance.

Please share your thoughts with us via this blog, on www.facebook.com/traces5 or on twitter.com/@traces5

With Love and Excitement,